John Bagley LMP

Movement Mechanics Massage

Do you want to move more freely? Do you want to simply feel better?

We all have tension patterns in our bodies that keep us from moving with—or living into—our full potential. Whether you are an athlete, gardener, or parent, we all can use some help to reduce stresses and feel better in our bodies. My goal is to use my knowledge and expertise to provide you with an experience in which physical pain and limitation can be addressed and reduced in an environment of presence and professionalism.

Massage is not about luxury. It is about giving your body what it needs to give this life its best shot, doing what you love and doing it with freedom and vitality. If you are ready to move, work, and play with more freedom, call or email to schedule an appointment. I'm here to help.


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Finding Your Feet

Invigorate your body from the bottom up!

You’ll experience profound change as we use a soft rubber ball to re-hydrate your foot’s connective tissues, release restrictions and stimulate its 26 bones and 33 joints.  

This workshop will give you a guided tour of your feet and simple tools to help create strong, flexible feet that will improve your body’s structural alignment and walking gait by beginning to tone fallen arches and collapsed ankles. 

This 90-minute class will show you how to work “with” your really sore spots and avoid creating pain by using your breath and pressure modulation to stretch your foot "around" those tender areas. You will leave with the tools necessary to help create strong, flexible feet that will improve your overall posture and walking gait and standing alignment.

Who will find this workshop beneficial?

•  Anyone!
•  Runners/Walkers/Joggers
•  Folks with employment that requires being on your feet
•  Those with flat feet and fallen arches
•  Sufferers of general foot aches and pains

Interested in learning more? Please contact me for info on upcoming classes or about setting up a private session for yourself or your own group. Enliven your body by “finding your feet”!

Planting seeds: Workplace ergonomics, Movement & Health

This class looks at the physiological effects of sitting in the workplace and offers solutions to the effects of sitting in one place for extended periods of time.

This class also examines and demonstrates proper computer workstation mechanics whether sitting or standing and discusses the effects of a workplace culture that encourages lots of daily movement.

Interested in learning more? Think this would this be a valuable presentation to your workplace or business? If so, please contact me for more details on how you can immediately have more energy and less discomfort throughout your day.

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