John Bagley LMP

Movement Mechanics Massage

Do you want to move more freely? Do you want to simply feel better?

We all have tension patterns in our bodies that keep us from moving with—or living into—our full potential. Whether you are an athlete, gardener, or parent, we all can use some help to reduce stresses and feel better in our bodies. My goal is to use my knowledge and expertise to provide you with an experience in which physical pain and limitation can be addressed and reduced in an environment of presence and professionalism.

Massage is not about luxury. It is about giving your body what it needs to give this life its best shot, doing what you love and doing it with freedom and vitality. If you are ready to move, work, and play with more freedom, call or email to schedule an appointment. I'm here to help.

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Copyright 2019 John Bagley. All rights reserved.