John Bagley LMP

Movement Mechanics Massage

Do you want to move more freely? Do you want to simply feel better?

We all have tension patterns in our bodies that keep us from moving with—or living into—our full potential. Whether you are an athlete, gardener, or parent, we all can use some help to reduce stresses and feel better in our bodies. My goal is to use my knowledge and expertise to provide you with an experience in which physical pain and limitation can be addressed and reduced in an environment of presence and professionalism.

Massage is not about luxury. It is about giving your body what it needs to give this life its best shot, doing what you love and doing it with freedom and vitality. If you are ready to move, work, and play with more freedom, call or email to schedule an appointment. I'm here to help.

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“As a competitive runner, triathlete and a fitness instructor, I know I need regular great bodywork to perform and teach well. I began working with John to help rehabilitate my neck, shoulder and arm after problems with a pinched nerve. His work really complemented what my physical therapist did and has led to lasting recovery—a huge improvement. John has now been a core part of my health and wellness program for several years. John has been an educator—helping me understand movement patterns and recovery needs—as well as providing excellent massage care. I appreciate that John has been a runner, does yoga as well as hiking and climbing—I think it makes him more aware of how I use my body and the kind of massage work it needs.”  
- R. DeBusk

“After eight years of seemingly endless and unsuccessful physical therapy, chiropractics and medications for chronic neck and back pain, I was extremely fortunate to find John. My ‘recaptured’ health is largely due to his therapeutic skill and wellness-coaching talent.”
- Karl L., Master of Public Health

“I would describe my time with John as an amazing collaboration. With him, I’ve learned more about myself and my body than I could have imagined. He’s caring, considerate and a truly attentive listener, and I've never felt anything but total comfort with him. My appointments are equal parts healing and enjoyment, and now I can't imagine life without massage. It has permanently changed me—unquestionably for the better!”
- K. Okumura

“John is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. He is the first person that has truly helped me with my pain. For years I’ve had trouble with a bad back and bad knees—had ACL replacements on both; the pain will show up in the morning and will get worse throughout the day. I have seen physical therapists, acupuncturists, other massage therapists, and even sport medicine doctors. While their treatments would work for a little while none would last long term. Since I’ve been seeing John, he has not only found the primary problem, but has reduced the pain and recurrence and now we are finally working on solving the problem rather than just getting rid of the pain. I would recommend John anytime. Today I’m very happy that he is part of my life.”
- A. Sanchez

“John has healing hands and a warm heart. I started working with him after a car wreck I had in April, 2008. His initial thorough intake evaluation and his compassionate professionalism set me at ease and inspired confidence that I was in good hands right from the beginning. He helped me become much more in touch with what was going on with my body as well as how to participate optimally in my own healing. Through his treatments I was restored to full functioning in all of the activities I enjoy. I consider him a friend as well as an effective and intuitive healer, and have since enthusiastically referred him to others.”
- Diana L.

“I look forward to each session with John. My stress and tension have decreased significantly since I started seeing him, and he definitely plays a large part in my overall well-being.’
- Shelley B., Paralegal

“In addition to being super friendly and personable, John is an amazing therapist! For years I have struggled with headaches caused by jaw clenching and shoulder pain during stressful times. After only a few visits with John, I stopped clenching my jaw and my headaches have disappeared. His practice is focused on awareness and the importance of my posture. For the first time in my life I am learning to sit up straight at my desk! The knowledge he shares helps me to understand why I feel tension and helps me figure out what I can do daily to prevent such tension. I would absolutely recommend John to anyone!” 
- Sarah F., Environmental Scientist

“As a professional massage therapist who understands and appreciates both the practical and energetic qualities of this art, I can say without reservation that John Bagley, LMP, combines both these components into extraordinary bodywork. He is thoughtful, thorough, attentive and sensitive to the inner and outer manifestations of stress. He knows how to clear the way to a restored spirit. After a session with John, I can breathe again. Five stars always!”
- Sandra D., LMP

“I have been seeing John for massage therapy for several years now. Prior to that, I had been to various other massage therapists with not much significant relief. That changed after meeting John. He is a great listener and he always checks in at the beginning of an appointment, never assuming my needs just because of any patterns that have existed in the past. At the same time, he also follows his own conscience and intuition and performs his own subtle assessments because—let’s face it—sometimes I’m just wrong about what is and isn’t bothering me. By the end of a session, the aches are gone. He also provides ideas for self-care between appointments so that I can provide myself with some relief. As a woman, I have never felt uncomfortable or self-conscious with John, which has not always been my experience with other male massage therapists. He’s genuinely interested in and enthusiastic about his craft and his clients. John is a professional, knowledgeable, and talented massage therapist, and I really like his taste in music too.”
- Paige E.

Copyright 2019 John Bagley. All rights reserved.